THE 2017 TALLY: WEEK 2 (JAN 7 – 14)

I feel this week more than anything else has cemented my dependency on VOD and streaming services. Eight of the films listed below I viewed at home through streaming services and I can’t complain. With my theatre obsessed with bad looking movies I sit here just waiting on something to inspire me, and for La La Land to come out locally so I can watch it another 5 times.

A lot of stand up specials made it into my weekly viewing as well as a few documentaries. This week also is the first time I posted a full review post (not couting capsules from festivals) in about a year. Let’s hope this isn’t a glitch in the Matrix. The truth is it was one of the quickest write ups I’ve done in a while. I watched the movie, the sat down and churned out that post (for Cameraperson) in under an hour and was pretty happy with it. It felt like how I like to write my posts on films. It isn’t overly introspective or academic, it’s just me writing as if I’m talking directly to you. As if you I were sitting at the bar and someone brought up that movie and I just spit my hot takes for a couple of minutes followed by a shrug from you going “maybe you have a point” or maybe “you’re wrong, you should watch it again!” and I just down another beer at that point.

Regardless it’s felt like an okay week.

Well below is my week’s viewing list, excuse me as I load up Doom and ruin my day to be.


GARFUNKEL AND OATES: TRYING TO BE SPECIAL (2016) – Enjoyed it enough, enjoyed it more when songs I didn’t know were playing.
UNDER THE SHADOW (2016) – Oh look, I found an Iranian horror movie. I like an Iranian horror movie.
IP MAN 3 (2015) – I feel like I should write something about this Ip Man trilogy. Love it.
BRIGHT LIGHTS: STARRING CARRIE FISHER AND DEBBIE REYNOLDS (2017) – It’s harsh to call this a cash grab, but honestly I have nothing nice to say about this documentary.
WAR ON EVERYONE (2016) – This is where tone and concept don’t meet head on and prove that tone isn’t enough for a movie to be that movie you know and love.
JIM GAFFIGAN: CINCO (2017) – If only you made more of your TV show for me Jim.
JEN KIRKMAN: JUST KEEP LIVIN’? (2017) – Didn’t expect to laugh this much.
JON STEWART HAS LEFT THE BUILDING (2015) – I still miss you Jon.
CAMERAPERSON (2016) – I just don’t get the hype.


MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015) – This summer will make 2 years since this movie was released. Can we start the anniversary posts from now?
SISTERS (2015) – I really wish people don’t forget this great party comedy.

3 Total Films Seen Released in 2017
13 Total New To Me Films in 2017
16 Total Films Seen in 2017

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