What I’ve Been Watching: Aug 31 – Sept 20

I Love You Phillip Morris

I’ve been gone a while. I ran off to Trinidad. Then to Canada for TIFF and somehow in the middle of all of this commuting I kind of got lost in the blogging realm.

This list of film’s watched contains the last 3 weeks (including TIFF), so it’s quite long…

DRUG WAR (2013) – Johnnie To should be this all the while… or maybe I should watch more of him.
THIS IS NOT A FILM (2011) – Interesting, especially in context.
FROM UP ON POPPY HILL (2011) – Ok slice of life, but nothing particularly special
LE SAMOURAI (1967) – Amazing cinema that should be seen by all.
R.I.P.D. (2013) – Amazingly horrendous film that I might like a little, because Rooster Cogburn knew what movie he was in.
TIM’S VERMEER (2013)  – fantastic documentary
CLOSED CURTAIN (2013) – not amazing, but interesting as all hell
ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE (2013) – horrendous film that doesn’t get what funny is
SOUTHCLIFFE (2013) – it’s really a TV show, but I saw it in a theatre, and it’s sad
PALO ALTO (2013) – good movie with moments, but nothing too enticing for all
ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE (2013) - wasn’t Swinton always a vampire?
THE FAKE (2013) – You need something to depress you? Here you go.
THE GREEN INFERNO (2013) - Exactly what you think it’ll be, good, but nothing great, and could lose 20 mins in the first hour
EMPIRE OF DIRT (2013) – nice, sweet movie
HORNS (2013) – FUN FUN FUN!!!!
I AM YOURS/JEG ER DIN (2013) – I feel like I’m the only one that liked this movie… I’m ok with this.
SEX, DRUGS & TAXATION (2013) – napped a bit, but there’s a man scaring a gorilla with his erection… so ye.
FAT (2013) – touching personal story, but some amateur filmmaking gets between it and the audience at times.
THE DOG (2013) – a film that never gets away from one point to expand to true interest
THE DOUBLE (2013) – cinematic goldmine of beauty and just general amazingness
THE UNKNOWN KNOWN (2013) – basically the documentary version of candy, so much love and intrigue but not much of substance to bring you back
THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY: HIM & HER (2013) - a great love story given these shades of each other
CHILD OF GOD (2013) – borderline offensive cinema that asks too much of an audience with no investment
MAN OF TAI CHI (2013) – kung fu action film awesomeness with some bad/cheesy acting
GABRIELLE (2013) – heart warming story of life and love and when mental disabilities get inbetween it working
AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA (2013) – too much Social Network links and not enough Sorkin
HOW I LIVE NOW (2013) – teenage romance mixed with WW3 and The UK and not sure if any of that is a good thing,
THE HUSBAND (2013) – want to laugh at the losing team, here you go.
RIGOR MORTIS (2013) – I didn’t know this was an action movie, it’s pretty fun action
THE STRANGE COLOR OF YOUR BODY’S TEARS (2013) - I’ll let you know when I know what this movie is
IMPROMPTU (2013) – amazing animation
THE CHAPERONE 3D (2013) – great short film that’s basically animated conversations with the best things… and in 3D
CRIME: JOE LOYA – THE BEIRUT BANDIT (2013) – poetry in motion
NUMBERS & FRIENDS (2013) – obsession, but not good
ROLAND (2013) – like a good joke through story
AN EXTRAORDINARY PERSON (2013) – actually quite touching
MOEBIUS (2013) – …… I loved it….
R100 (2013) – I slept a bit, but dominatrixes.
SARAH PREFERS TO RUN (2013) – boring narrative and unresolved issues
PRISONERS (2013) – not bad, but not good, and there’s Paul Dano guys!
UNFORGIVEN (2013) – Why did we need a remake? Oh wait, there are swords!
WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL? (2013) – possibly one of the best films you’ll see ever
BLIND DETECTIVE (2013) - why did it have to be a romantic comedy?
LABOR DAY (2013) – I’m a sap guys… I think this one worked on me
SUNSHINE ON LEITH (2013) – Jukebox musicals are 50/50, I’m in the middle with this one
WITCHING & BITCHING (2013) – There was a whole lot of witching
INTRUDERS (2013) – Awesome thriller that grows on m everyday I think of it
12 YEARS A SLAVE (2013) – Paul Dano singing is scary, and Chewitel crying makes me cry… AMAZING!
THE WORLD’S END (2013) – I liked this movie a lot more on it’s first watch than I have any of the other Cornetto films the first time I saw those.
MACHETE KILLS (2013) – Lunacy as perfection, but not really
THE SPECTACULAR NOW (2013) – I’m so happy this movie is this good… I knew there was something about this Ponsoldt guy… must revisit Smashed again and make myself like it more.


SUBMARINE - “To us and a wonderful evening of love making.” 
UP IN THE AIR“Uh, it’s hard to define “tried’.”
THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER“in this moment I swear we are infinite.”
BROADCAST NEWS“This isn’t friendship. You’re crazy, you know that?”
BOOGIE NIGHTS“I’m the ultimate Latin Lover. There ain’t no Latin Lover like me.”
BEING JOHN MALKOVICH“Don’t stand in the way of my actualization as a man.”
SPRING BREAKERS“Look at all my shit!”

My count for the year of 2013 is updated to 212 First time watches (118 from 2013); 137 Rewatches; 349 Total Films