What I’ve Been Watching: June 8 – June 21

If you’ve noticed I’ve been very absent with my presence and general postings online. It happens every so often I guess. More than anytime when I decide to take a weekend off work to hop back home for a bit. I’m in Jamaica right now.

I’m actually here to attend one of my oldest friend’s wedding, which will probably have started by the time you’re reading this. It’s a great thing, it’ll actually be the first wedding I’ve ever attended (I know that’s probably weird) and it’s the first (obviously) that I’m going to be participating as I’m a groomsman in the proceedings. It’s all kind of great and I’m just happy I could do this for my friend.

Otherwise I did spend the last two weeks (since last week I failed to post this update) watching a ton of movies. See below:



“In these initial scenes Aselton puts together all the bits and pieces of this friend-triangle (can I trademark that phrase?) of Sarah, Abby and Lou which makes you care. Shortly after all of this we see the insertion of the male-triangle wandering around the island; Henry (Will Bouvier), Derek (Jay Paulson) and Alex (Anslem Richardson) and this is where the film falls dead on it’s back. With Aselton and Mark Duplass credited as the writers of the film it’s not surprising that it’s in these non free form pseudo polite dialogue scenes where almost every character comes off as poor.” - Read my full review here.


Fallen Angels

This movie is aggressively bad. Probably one of the most arty films that I found myself completely rejecting at every turn.


Broken Embraces (1)

“Almodovar takes us on this journey that to be quite honest felt purely uninteresting. It’s not hard to make one vested in a character’s life story. It’s generally the easiest thing. Because regardless of all the tedium that exists in life when someone has a tale to tell it easily enraptures an audience as he begins to tell it, as I felt this would’ve.” - Read my full review here


This is the End (1)

“The film plays a dual role, it’s part spoof and part just general satire. The likes of Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Craig “Take Your Panties Off” Robinson, James Franco, Danny McBrideand Jay Baruchel all get to play caracitures of themselves for the sake of taking stabs at what the media (and we to some extent) have assumed their real personas are like by deciding to play it out in this ridiculous setting where drug induced sequences equate to six men having the equivalent of a rave in the main space of Franco’s crazed designed home and the film is allowed to literally kill off every other Apatow/Rogen/Comedy related talent that exists in the world previously initiated by these talents.” - Read my full review here.


A Royal Affair

Meh… it’s a period piece with Mads Mikelson, but he’s not Hannibal.

TALK TO HER (2002)

Talk to Her (2)

“The film then takes us into the stories of Benigno and Alicia as well as Marco and Lydia, which as very entertaining romance (if I can even use that word for both) stories go are pretty enjoyable. However, the serve only as a backdrop to the eventual meeting and drama of Marco and Benigno themselves. While the film may do a lot more work creating sympathy for Marco as the true romantic, with Benigno it leaves an air of mysticism.”Read my full review here.



A great idea executed well that I adore, but also probably put me to sleep a few times.


Man of Steel (1)

More on this in coming weeks (after extra viewings)

THE PURGE (2013)

The Purge (1)

Probably one of the most interesting films I’ve seen so far this year. More to be said soon.


Purple rain

Not in the mood for the little explanations here, so I rewatched:

Manhattan, Purple Rain, The Master, Miami Vice, 50/50, Singin’ in the Rain, Paths of Glory, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Django Unchained, Superman II and Sucker Punch

My count for the year of 2013 is updated to 107 First time watches (31 from 2013); 92 Rewatches; 199 Total Films