What I’ve Been Watching: Apr 20 – Apr 26

This week was a week of a lot of documentation and reading. I spent it discovering how bad writing can be (sadly no, I’m not talking about my own) and coming to terms with some of my own goals and why I’m not meeting them. It’s time to pump up the volume and try and do better. Also summer is coming guys… Summer is coming.

Here’s what I’ve been watching:


Oblivion (3)

This is what happens when uncreative individuals throw a star into a big budget science fiction film with as little to do about science fiction other than it isn’t like our current reality. There should be more actual interesting things happening, but there isn’t. Read my full review.


Massacre Time

At the recommendation of a friend I checked out my first Lucio Fulci since i mentioned my interest in Django (even though I’d never seen the Franco Nero original). It’s fun genre film but sadly I have to say that it doesn’t pass that level for me. Oddly enough it isn’t Nero, the supposed badass, that made this movie fun but his ‘sidekick’ (if we can call him that) played by George Hilton. Everytime he raised his gun it was going to be amazing.


Tie Me Up Tie Me Down

As I begin my Pedro Almodovar marathon it’s nice to see that he has any eye for fun when talking about typically dark topics. Go read my full review here.


Bad Boys 2

I can’t say, but there’s something about this week why I just happened to find myself revisiting films more than anything else. With Michael Bay returning to the big screen I felt a need to revisit his starting project Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2, and oddly enough I’ve switched on these films. I used to have fond memories of 1 and sad thoughts about 2, this time around I found part 1 to be a complete mess of a movie and 2 to be a great action comedic piece of cinema fun; is this due to a shift in tone and the fact that they’re almost a decade apart? Will think on this further.

Whenever you’re feeling down it’s time to watch The Odd Couple, which is one of the singularly greatest things ever. If you don’t adore Mathau and Lemmon as roomates then you’re a jerk… nothing else.

Spent an evening revisiting The Social Network and Adaptation and I’ve come to the decision that Jonze is more Fincher than he thinks he is. I hope you all know this.

Also with the Amazon pilot hurting my soul I decided to pop in my blu ray of Zombieland, and remind myself to enjoy the little things.

My count for the year of 2013 is updated to 75 First time watches (16 from 2013); 54 Rewatches; 129 Total Films