What I’ve Been Watching: Mar 16 – Mar 22

This week involved a lot of late nights at work as well as one sick day. I’ve basically been through the proverbial ringer and at the same time it’s kind of annoying to take a look at what’s playing at the cinema and just shrug my shoulders with no interest at all; oh how I wish I had Spring Breakers to watch.

However, this is what I watched this past week:


Wuthering Heights (1)

A great piece of film. Andrea Arnold returns with a period piece based on a story that we’ve seen a billion times but I’m willing to bet is one of the stand out adaptations of the bunch. I love the way she makes us have to endure this tale through the perspective of Heathcliff (via a ton of POV moments) and is able to imply so much sexual tension it gets uncomfortable every so often. Go listen to my full thoughts on this week’s TUMP here.

CLOSE-UP (1990)

Close Up (1)

I’m actually still trying to process this one. We watch a trial as a man is charged with attempted fraud as he plays himself off as a famous Iranian filmmaker to a small family who’s a big fan of his and he tries as best to explain himself and his actions.


Beautiful Girls

In a small town we see all these men (not too far removed from teenage life) who’re just frustrated with life and trying to come to terms with how their lives have changed since high school. Not what I would call a great film but nothing too terrible. I always like to see Michael Rapaport in movies.


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I don’t know what got into me but I thought it would be a good idea to revisit The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I was 17 (wow, I imagined myself being younger) when the film was first released, and I remember it with some fondness. Oh my god is this movie bad. It’s so soulless it’s sad. I relinquish all knowledge of who me at 17 was and pray for his soul.

I’m still trying to make it through my latest Criterion pick ups and found some time to watch The Royal Tenenbaums. For some reason now I’d like to see Richie and Margot relationship as the spiritual (if not actual) progression of the children in Moonrise Kingdom. Maybe the tent scene with the record player took it a bit far, but damn is this movie great regardless. I find myself re-evaluating my stance of Wes Anderson as a grow older.

I also revisted Memento for an upcoming podcast (MYL), but otherwise it’s always a good time to watch this film.

Early this week I found myself stranded in by bed sick. What’s better to film a sick day than what a five hour movie directed by Steven Soderbergh? By that I mean Che (the two part film). I adore this movie so much. I apologize to Soderbergh because while I love these films I can’t seem to think of this as one film with twenty acts (or however many), as I watch it I see two stories: 1. Che takes Cuba; 2. Che fails to take Bolivia. Regardless I still love it.

My count for the year of 2013 is updated to 56 First time watches (10 from 2013); 34 Rewatches; 90 Total Films