Movies You Love Podcast [Episode #1- L.A. Confidential w/ Andrew Parker]


So Yes. I’m giving up the hours of transcriptions and switching it up here. Instead of transcribing I’m spending hours on end editing audio files for your joyful ears to consume. The Movies You Love is now a podcast.

In my first outing of podcast lovingness I got a chance to sit down with Andrew Parker (of DorkShelf) to talk all things noire and grit with the Los Angeles tale of L.A. Confidential.

As this is the first episode there is no iTunes channel just yet (but keep on a lookout for that), but feel free to leave all your thoughts below in the comments section or feel free to email me at


Go Subscribe to the show via iTunes here, would be great to get some reviews and ratings going. So go do it guys.

  • Courtney Small

    Great first episode, I really enjoyed Andrew Parker’s encyclopedic knowledge of films. I find that L.A. Confidential has held up extremely well over the years. Like Parker, I was immediately taken with the script. Especially in regards to the changes in personality that Pearce and Crowe have throughout the film.

    On a side note, I agree with Andrew on Black Dahlia…it is not train wreck but it is horribly dull.

  • Andrew Robinson

    I’ll go ahead and call Dahlia a train wreck… but then again I haven’t seen it but the once when it was released and lived through a lot of disappointment.

    Thanks for the kind words…looking forward to releasing ep#2 already… but must wait.. must… keep … to … schedule.