What I’ve Been Watching: Mar 10 – Mar 15

Yes. You’re not going crazy. It is not Sunday. This post is moving to Saturday to make way for something special tomorrow (I hope you all will partake then), but for now please take a moment to see what I’ve been keeping myself busy with this week.

This week was a short film watching week for me. Between me continuing my rewatch of LOST (now near the end of season 2) and dedicating a lot of my after work time to the gym (yes I joined a gym) I’ve been neglecting my love for film as well as the blog. Regardless let’s get the show on the road here:

WRONG (2013)

Wrong (1)

I adored Rubber, but Quentin Dupieux went a bit off the rails here. While Rubber was a film that didn’t care whether it made sense, and this is very much the same thing, here it feels even more aggressive in how it tries to break logic in every way with ludicrous characters and even more asinine actions from those characters. Full review will come in a few weeks.

BEL AMI (2012)

Bel_Ami_Robert Pattinson_movie_image

A period film where the writer posits that Robert Pattinson’s dick is the greatest thing to ever be discovered. It’s a boring trite film that has a few moments that doesn’t make it worth the two hour commitment.


Oz (2)

Sam Raimi reteams with James Franco in a movie that seems to care for spectacle more than story. I will speak more of this in the coming days.



I got a stack of new Criterion’s this week (call it an early birthday present to myself) and so far I’ve revisited Christopher Nolan‘s Following (which now means my DVD collection includes the current complete works of Mr. Nolan). I think I love the film even more now than I did when I first watched it. Somehow Nolan is able to create a solid thriller skewing timelines and keeping twists hidden as far away in the background of the narrative for the maximum effect when it ends up hitting us in the face.

My count for the year of 2013 is updated to 53 First time watches (10 from 2013); 29 Rewatches; 82 Total Films