What I’ve Been Watching: Feb 17 – Feb 23

What can I say of this week. It’s been comforting. A lot of relaxation and a lot of time with movies I love. Here’s what I watched:


Anna Karenina (2)

If there’s one thing no one can deny this adaptation from Joe Wright is that it is astoundingly gorgeous. The stage setting that Wright places this film and his ability to constantly tie back to that I became entranced trying to see the next theatre entrance. Greatest dance scene ever.

M (1931)

M (1)

I’m still formulating my thoughts but this is definitely an interesting film that everyone should see.


Side Effects (2)

Ohh Soderbergh. Am I allowed to list all the ways I love your movies? They’re gorgeous, well spoken, makes the most trite actor into a great character and generally able to surprise me all the while. Thank you for making this movie instead of taking your sabbatical first. I look forward to your return in another five or so years.


Warm Bodies (1)

What if John Hughes made a movie with zombies? Would this be that movie? I don’t think so, but it definitely seems close. This movie feels like it’s reaching for funny but never actually got there. Nice soundtrack though.


Battle Royale 2

While the above new watches are notable my week was mostly spent with the Blu Ray player on tap.

This week I finally mustered the courage to revisit E.T. The Extraterrestrial (God willing a post related will be in the pipeline soon) for the first time in a couple years and wow does it still get me in the gut. The emotions Spielberg manufactures in his audience is remarkable and it’s no different here.

I also spent some time with The FP and Hot Fuzz (for a special podcast y’all will be able to hear tomorrow, check me on twitter and you’ll see). I adore both movies and challenge you all to tell me otherwise. “For the ducks!”

Battle Royale II: Requiem is a film I watched about five years ago when I first caught onto Battle Royale and I remember thinking was better than people gave it credit for. Rewatching it now good lord it’s horrendous. It pretty much forgets everything it was about in the first installment and thought if you throw enough children and blood at the screen I’ll be ok with that. Nope.

To round out the week I also watched Up and Haywire. Two films that have little do with one another, but I didn’t feel like adding another paragraph here. I remain astounded that I like Haywire even though acknowledging it’s a much lesser Soderbergh movie and a lesser revenge film. The Carano v. Fassbender scene is glorious though.

My count for the year of 2013 is updated to 41 First time watches (6 from 2013); 22 Rewatches; 63 Total Films