TUMP [EP#140 - Revanche]

Revanche (1)

This week Douglas sounds like the guy in the above picture (seriously), while Damion and I attempt to keep the show on course we also discuss the film Revanche. Enjoy:

What We’ve Been Watching

Damion (00:04:20): Wild Bill, Wreck-It Ralph, 3000 Miles to Graceland
Douglas (00:14:45): Seven Psychopaths, Monday Mornings, Small Time Gangster, White Chapel, The Americans, Damages, Dancing on the Edge, American Horror Story
Andrew (00:30:31): Girls, The Raven, The Warriors, L.A. Confidential, A Good Day to Die Hard

Trailers (00:46:26): The Host, Monsters University, It’s a Disaster

Review (01:07:11): Revanche

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