What I’ve Been Watching: Feb 10 – Feb 16

This was a very relaxing week. I’ve hit about 22 hours of game time in Ni No Kuni (a game I indulge more than love I’m finding) and actually had two extra days off work (hence explaining the ridiculous amount of movies watched) thanks to Carnival here in Trinidad. But enough with me jibber jabbing… here’s movie talk:

THE RAVEN (2012)

The Raven

I’m glad that the financial success of the recent Sherlock Holmes films (or as I like to call it… the Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law fan fiction) has led to Hollywood pushing action/detective/thrillers into more classic literature, but this is just sad. Not only is John Cusack abysmal, but the film is pretty bad itself. I’m not a big Edgar Allan Poe fan, but I’m sure there are a ton already upset that this exists.



All of these are pretty adorable animated shorts, I’m particularly taken by Head Over Heels which reminds me very much of that dialogueless opening montage from Up that we all love so much. Adam and Dog plays like a fun Adam and Eve story where we focus more on the dog’s tale and how he ended up out of the garden of Eden (which is so sweet) and Fresh Guacamole is a very fun little stop motion film where we watch how dice get into a sweet sweet guacamole recipe.

GLORIA (1980)

Gloria (2)

I like Cassavetes doing action… I just don’t like him directing children. Read my full review here.

MURDER! (1930)

Murder (1930)

Hitchcock while he was still in England and oh is it a tough watch. I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie in English and had to work harder to follow the dialogue and what was really happening. I wonder how much worse his non American movies are.


The Warriors

A fun little 70s movie which felt a lot like a lesser version of Escape From New York to me. I loved especially seeing all the different gangs as The Warriors had to trek home through New York as they’re being hunted down by everyone and it’s fun.


Seeking Justice

So… I love bad Nicolas Cage movies, but this movie isn’t as much aggressively bad as it’s aggressively mediocre. There’s nothing worth laughing at or caring for as much as it just happens to be there. A poor decision on my part entirely.


LA Confidential (1)

When I bought the game L.A. Noire for the PS3 this is what I was hoping for and it was this (in some sad video game way) and now I have the much superior movie version of that and I’m happy. I think I just love how great Kevin Spacey plays cool in this movie.


A Good Day to Die Hard (1)

Tears… Tears is all I can say. Damn you whoever got this movie made. The way I feel now must be the way people felt in 1990 when they made Die Hard 2.


Revanche (2)

Reminded me a lot of The Place Beyond the Pines but a much slower and less segmented film. It’s great in how it deals with the idea of revenge and where blame lies in these matters.


Princess Mononoke

Something inspired me to pop in my DVD copy of Princess Mononoke and remember my love for animation with Hayoa Miyazaki’s big action film. I’m always surprised at how much more violent this one is (not to compare it to the regular anime violence) in comparison to his other films (probably his only film to get a PG-13 rating).

This weekend I had a much needed Anna Kendrick double feature with Pitch Perfect and 50/50. These movies are great. Pitch Perfect is a film I didn’t quite warm to when I saw it in theatres as much as I do now and the same goes a bit for 50/50. I love how Perfect nails to satire of the popularity of Glee and such without ever making it feel completely derogatory and the same kind of goes for 50/50 when it comes to the idea of the young dealing with their mortality. We as 20-somethings know of death and acknowledge it but at the same time never actually believe we’re on the chopping block.

My count for the year of 2013 is updated to 37 First time watches (4 from 2013); 16 Rewatches; 53 Total Films