What I’ve Been Watching: Jan 27 – Feb 2

Remember last week when I said that the movie watching would be diminished thanks to my new game? Well… even though that wasn’t the full reason it totally happened. Here’s what I have to talk about:


Schindler's List (1)

I’m pretty sure my level of elation (probably the wrong emotion, even though correct) with finally having seen this film has been well documented in my review.


Girl Walk All Day (1)

This movie caught me way off guard. While I knew what it was I definitely went into it with a mindset that it couldn’t wow me, only to have it blow the expectations that any fan could’ve set up for me even if I was on board before pressing play. There are few films that are able to put a smile on my face for it’s entire runtime (and bleed out into the rest of the day), and this is now one of them.


The ABCs of Death (1)

I like this movie, merely for the reason that it proves to me that a horror short medley can be good (unlike V/H/S). A lot more to come on this tomorrow in a full review.

ALPS (2012)

Alps (2)

A couple of years ago the internet blazed a trail for a film called Dogtooth, which redefined weird in my mind. I hated it. However, I saw a glimmer of interest in what the director was attempting to communicate to me. So I decided to give him a second chance with this tale of a group of people who work as “substitutes” for grieving families. This film definitely steps into the same murky ‘weird’ waters that I saw in Dogtooth, but at the same time was able to execute a lot more, even though it still didn’t come out on the other side looking great. Regardless I want to meditate on this one…

My count for the year of 2013 is updated to 23 First time watches (3 from 2013); 10 Rewatches; 33 Total Films

What did you see this week?