Required Reading: Sucker Punched by BAFTA and Sundance Memories

I read a lot of blogs. I do. I don’t always comment on them… but I do read. More than most times you’ll see me posting feedback through twitter directly to the writers or just giving adulation to the post on their own. Anyways I wanted to start pitching my two cents in letting you know (for those of you not following me on twitter, all 1 billion of you) about what I think was some of the best/most fun posts I spent my time reading/obsessing about this past week. zdbafta__span Joanna from For Cinephiles by a Cinefile talks about what she loved from watching A League of Their Own (A favourite film of mine) At the Row Three Jandy throws out the older films she discovered, and loved the most, while in 2012 Adam Quigley from /Film (and the /FilmCast) does his first video commentary where he asserts his defence of Sucker Punch, by telling us we're wrong. We get a peak at some sweet posters for the best films nominated by BAFTA this year Sam Fragoso wraps up his coverage of Sundance 2013 with a great piece, also his roundup of films. Ryan McNeil decides to open his eyes and see the pain and joy of one of Kurosawa's best, Ikiru.
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    Thanks for the linkage, Andrew! Glad you enjoyed my discoveries. :)

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    it’s more for me to seek out…