TUMP [EP#137 - 2046]

2046 Can you imagine it's a week with two TUMPs posted? (If you haven't yet, go listen to my discussion of Zero Dark Thirty with Corey Atad) Here we take a stroll back into the catalogue of Wong Kar Wai with his film 2046. Sadly I was unable to see the film before we talked about it, but my cohosts do a relatively good job of covering the film as it seems. Enjoy: What We've Been Watching Damion (00:03:44): The Following, Tai Chi Zero, The Grey, Flight Douglas (00:29:25): Archer Andrew (00:33:55): The Impossible, Rio Bravo Trailers (00:50:36): Inside Llewyn Davis, Mood Indigo Review (01:10:06): 2046 [display_podcast] Thanks for listening and feel free to let us know what you think either through the comments below or email us here.  You can subscribe to the podcast via our RSS or iTunes.  It would be awesome if you would rate/review us on iTunes (we’ll read your reviews on the show)