Required Reading: Taxi Driver cut Cloud Atlas and Les Misérables

I read a lot of blogs. I do. I don’t always comment on them… but I do read. More than most times you’ll see me posting feedback through twitter directly to the writers or just giving adulation to the post on their own. Anyways I wanted to start pitching my two cents in letting you know (for those of you not following me on twitter, all 1 billion of you) about what I think was some of the best/most fun posts I spent my time reading/obsessing about this past week.

Taxi Driver

Cinema-Fanatic decided to make a smattering of observations of her first revisit to Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver after over a decade since she first saw the film.

Over at Surrender the Void we have a review of one my favourite films of 2011, We Bought a Zoo.

Scott Mendelson published one of his memos discussing the news that Cloud Atlas was going to get 40 minutes of its film cut for theatrical release in China.

Jessica at The Velvet Café gives us her thoughts on Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables.

Monika Bartyzel over at discussed how Megan Fox isn’t helping much from Transformers to This is 40

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