TUMP [EP#136 - Down By Law]

Down by Law (2)

Another week another podcast and we return to our regularly scheduled meeting with the odd as we delve into the world of Jim jarmusch with his film Down by Law.

We also began our Movie Fantasy League this week (it’s all explained in the show), I did however have to cut the actual drafting process. It pained me but it had to be done. You can hear our final picks for our ‘studios’ and you can tell us how wrong we all are for what we picked up in the comments.

Show Notes

What I’ve Been Watching:
Andrew (00:03:40): Commando, The Last Stand, Flirting with Disaster, Shut Up Little Man!
Douglas (00:17:35): Gangster Squad
Damion (00:26:30): Nobody Walks, Nature Calls, Freeloaders, Killing Them Softly

The TUMP Fantasy League 2013 (00:42:36)

Trailers (00:58:50): Mud, The Brass Teapot, Spring Breakers

Review (01:14:45): Down By Law

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