TUMP [EP#133 - Wild Strawberries]

Wild Strawberries (2)So this episode is super late. We actually recorded this two weeks ago while I was in Jamaica — actually the night I landed back home — and it was a blast. The format changed a bit, but that’s just due to content we discusses, otherwise it’s packed with enough laughs that I’m sure you’ll be happy anyways. There’s one more episode left in the backlog to be released (so look for that one soon) and then next week will be the wonderous top ten of the year past… so enjoy.

On a side note… I did not actually say ‘fuck’ to a 60 year old man… I was rephrasing… so enjoy, and please think better of me.

Show Notes

Trailers (00:17:30): This is the End, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Pain and Gain, To the Wonder, The Place Beyond the Pines

Review (01:22:29): Wild Strawberries

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