“Husbands” & “Minnie and Moskowitz”: or When Cassavetes Did Nothing on Screen

I’m still trying to not give up on my marathon decision, maybe because I have high hopes for the Chinese Bookie film – I really feel he’ll make a great noir director.
Its definitely a failing of the French new wave style that Cassavetes became famous for ripping wpid-husbands1-colour-small.jpgoff (in the most respectful of manners).

Husbands has the likes of Peter Falk and co. running about town avoiding their responsibilities in the wake of their best friend’s death. It therefore devolves into a series of happenings that never really becomes interesting at any point.

wpid-tumblr_ma4johhAxE1rce5tlo1_1280.jpgMinnie and Moskowitz does the samething but for star crossed lovers. Its when a hippie and an attention needing depressive tease meet and one refuses to allow the other off the hook. No matter how much I enjoy Moskowitz playing the odd hippie the interactions at times feels aggravatingly silly and completely unrealistic in its own way. But aren’t all romantic comedies (which this is) unrealistic and filled with idealism?

All I can I say about the end of these films is that they refuse to make anything about the previous two hours worthwhile.