TUMP [EP#127 - Bernie]

We return with a film of the year to discuss what it’s like being a backshooter and a loveable guy like Bernie. So here we go:

Show Notes:

What We’ve Been Watching
Damion (00:04:28): 3:10 to Yuma, Apaloosa, True Grit,
Andrew (00:24:53): Skyfall, The Invisible War, Taxi Driver
Douglas (00:47:45): Headhunters

Trailers (00:50:43): World War Z,Warm BodiesJudge Archer

Review (01:18:03): Bernie

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  • CS

    While I normally agree with your views, I feel like we have been on opposite ends of the spectrum this
    week. First it was The FP, and now it is Bond and the Invisible War. Let us begin with Bond…On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a great, yes I said great, Bond film. It is criminally underrated in my
    opinion. A View to A Kill is a bad Bond film, though it does have an odd re-watch factor as a result of being so bad. Also, Damien needs to rework his three point Bond scale and make it a four
    point scale. There is no way films like Moonraker, Die Another Day, and The World is Not Enough are graded at nine. I would say a four or five at best. LOL.

    As for the Invisible War, I loved the film when I saw it at Hot Docs. It was not so much the victims current life, but rather the militaries’ response, or lack there of, that makes the film so
    impactful. Despite the number of rapes that have occurred, the fact that the military thinks simple posters will help solve things is just ridiculous. Heck the way the victim reporting/court structure is set up is downright insulting. In order to get an impartial party, who is not their direct superior, to investigate the cases, the victim must to go to their local senator? The overall level of military incompetence in this matter just makes you shake your head.

    In regards to a few of the other films discussed on the show:

    Bernie – I was pleasantly surprised by this film. It is definitely one of the better films
    released this year.

    True Grit – Enjoyed it but did not love it like so many seem to.

    Headhunters – Loved it. The film may even make my top 10 at the end of the year.

    Micmacs – Loved it. I will support Douglas’ love for French films if this film is on his list.

    The Fountain – I hated the film, it is one of those bad TIFF experiences. I frequently take crap at
    the pub night for not liking this film. Granted I have not watched it since TIFF, so I might have to finally breakdown and give it a second chance.

  • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

    I like how it seems you wrote your comment so quick you forgot to say why you disagree with me on THE FP (but I think we talked abt it a bit on twitter, so this me just giving you shit)

    I disagree with the 3/4/5 pt scale for Bond… Bond runs the full spectrum of good/bad discussion in film… ohh Moonraker… how you managed to survive this long I don’t know. I think it’s that I hated Lazenby that much, I don’t know… it just didn’t click with me.

    The Invisible War does talk about a serious topic and is something that if it was a big expose piece in the New Yorker for a couple thousand words would be eye opening and great, but is it good MOVIE??? That I do not think it is. Take a look at Senna/Exit Through the Gift Shop/Tabloid/Man on a Wire to see examples of great documentaries to see what they do make the visual medium work for them. Some documentaries use the talking heads and content can help push them into a special bracket of good, but somehow I feel Invisible didn’t quite get there.

    Also… can I add myself to the list of people willing to give you shit re: THE FOUNTAIN? Just throw that there for fun’s sake.

  • http://nevermindpopfilm.blogspot.com/ Colin “Fitz” Biggs

    I am on the complete opposite spectrum of this apparently. I love The Fountain and take my lumps for being a fan of the picture.

  • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

    Do not feel disparaged my friend… just take solace in the fact that you’re right and those claiming otherwise about that film (as Courtney above) are wrong.