TUMP [EP#124 - Charade]

It’s another week and time for the podcast to get underway. With a lot of the divergances we make from modern cinema I felt it time for us to make a much more ‘classy’ tangent as we take this time to discuss the 1963 film Charade. So with Damion M.I.A. from the show, and a special guest appearance in the review section by a yet to be discovered character, make sure you stay tuned for the plot twist, and enjoy the cast below:

Show Notes:

What We’ve Been Watching
Douglas (00:03:33): Lawless, Here Comes the Boom, Hunted
Andrew (00:22:40): Dark Shadows, Safety Not Guaranteed, The Way of the Gun, Homeland

Trailers (00:44:30): Holy Motors, Jack Reacher, Gang of the Jotas

Review (01:04:29): Charade

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