What I’ve Been Watching: Oct 14th – Oct 20th

With me falling sick in the last few days of this week past — the worst is gone, so no worries — I’ve been enjoying a random as hell movie crazed weekend from the confines of my bedroom, thank you Netflix and Amazon Prime. So many movies, so little time. My Bond movie spree continues with approximately two weeks (I believe) to Skyfall I’m contemplating some article(s) for this revisiting of 007′s films and I’m not sure if I’m going to be reiterating what a lot of other — definitely better — film columnists are going to be doing in the next week or so, but who knows, it’s a thought.

Regardless here’s my week’s diet of film:


SLITHER (2006) – not as fun as I’d hoped, pretty scholky horror, but Fillion remains the highlight of the film.
FAR FROM HEAVEN (2002) – interesting film with gorgeous visuals, a lot of racial undertones and sense of isolation but almost daring you not to enjoy yourself watching it.
FRANKENSTEIN (1931) – great monster film which actually takes a lifeless character and injects life into the story.
THE WAY OF THE GUN (2000) – smart, funny, pragmatic and economic filmmaking added with some a great cast and an even better screenplay to pull it all off.
CHARADE (1963) – I don’t know why I expected more noir than romantic/comedy but I got the later and I refuse to complain.
SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED (2012) – You don’t expect it to go there… but it goes there.


THUNDERBALL (1965)“I think he got the point.”
DRIVE (2011)“A lot of guys mess around with married women, but you’re the only one I know who robs a joint just to pay back the husband. Crazy.”
YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE (1967)“Yes, this is my second life.”
LABYRINTH (1986)“I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.”
ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE (1969)“It’s all right. It’s quite all right, really. She’s having a rest.”


196 First time watches (107 from 2012); 94 Rewatches; 292 Total Films


What have you been watching?

  • Ryan McNeil

    Rewatched PROMETHEUS last night and marvelled at how I loved it even more than I did the first time around. The behind-the-scenes doc is intensive with a three hour runtime. Oh, and it all looks *glorious* on blu-ray

  • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

    First off… it is called “the PROPER definition”… you are allowed to use the world glorious as well, but proper is the key word….

    Also yes, I do like that movie more rewatching it a couple weeks back. But I think I enjoy it more as a big budget action film more than anything else. It’s ideas are a bit mixed and lost from point to point.