TUMP [EP#123 - Tabloid]

Again, as if you didn’t expect to happen in successive weeks (you know you didn’t), we return with a brand spanking new episode of TUMP. This week Damion, Douglas and I convene to discuss the merits of media praying on the lowest common denominator with the story of Joyce McKinney and how she was dragged through the tabloid papers smiling and laughing (that’s the opposite of kicking and screaming right?). Anyways check out the show below:

Show Notes

What We’ve Been Watching
Damion (00:03:13): The Mob Doctor, The Notebook
Douglas (00:12:50): Taken 2
Andrew (00:15:15): Frankenweenie, Dracula, Ben & Kate, James Bond

Trailers (00:34:23): Zero Dark Thirty, Hitchcock

Review (00:56:22): Tabloid

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  • CS

    Tabloid – I was all aboard with Damion’s assessment of the film, as I loved
    it as well, but then he had to go and slam Dear Zachary. LOL.
    Tabloid made me go on a serious Errol Morris kick last year, ended up
    watching 7 of his 11 films over the span of two weeks.

    Golden Eye – You know what? This film does not hold up well at all. It is one of the Bond films that I rarely
    re-visit anymore. I think the video game is the reason why so many people mistakenly
    think the film is great.

    For Your Eyes Only – I am one of the few Bond fans who hates this film. It
    is actually in my bottom five for Bond, along with Moonraker, The World is Not
    Enough, License to Kill, and Die Another Day.

  • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

    But Goldeneye is so awesome…. Sean Bean is in it!!! ‘I’m IN-VIN-CI-BLE!!!!’ I’m rolling through the back catalogue of Bond and I’m yet to reach For Your Eyes Only, I’m sure I’ve seen them all before, but a lot of them (including that one) I can’t remember at all.

    Ye, Damion refuses to admit the amazingness that is Dear Zachary. Love that doc, but I’ve never revisited it. I feel like I’ve cried all the tears I can manage from the first time I saw it.