The Five Horror Films I’ll See Before the End of October

With this impromptu marathon I’m going to do this month I’ve always had an aversion to horror films – not because I’m scared (like a certain blogger I know) but because I find them to have a higher percentage of bad films than most other genres. So here’s my list to tackle in the next 28 days (as I’m 3 days into October already).

Anything I should add?

  • SJHoneywell

    I’ve seen and like four of these (I’m planning on watching Carrie for the first time at the end of the month). Of the other four, Suspiria is probably the toughest and the most disturbing, although it’s worth seeing for the art direction.

    You may be right about the high percentage of bad horror. I’d throw out comedy and rom-com as other possible genres, but there’s something about horror that seems to attract the low budget/no budget crowd.

  • CS

    I still need to see both Cat People and Suspiria. The are two films that are shamefully in my blind spot.