TUMP [EP#121 - Moonrise Kingdom]

We’re starting to get into the second half of the year, which means it’s time that we here on TUMP start to get serious about this year in film and talk about all the movies the people on the internet have been raving about from pretty much the beginning of the year. With myself back on the podcast keeping things in place, unlike that episode of debauchery that you had to endure a couple of weeks ago while I was at TIFF, we take the time to sit down and talk about Douglas and Damion’s special journey in the woods as told by Wes Anderson with Moonrise Kingdom.

Show Notes

What We’ve Been Watching
Damion (00:05:42): Snow White and the Huntsman, Moone Boy, Sound of My Voice, Enemy of the State
Douglas (00:17:26): Wanderlust, Dogville
Andrew (00:31:45): TIFF, Monsieur Lazhar, Magic Mike

Trailers (00:48:49): Sinister, The Details

Review (01:08:16): Moonrise Kingdom

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