TIFF Day 2: The We and The I & Rust and Bone

Day 2 was a much better  more productive day as my screenings finished a bit early and I found myself with little to do. However including getting to see the latest film by Jaques Audiard and Michel Gondry films (so a very French day). I also got a chance to meet and talk with Nathan Johnson, the composer of the score of BrickThe Brothers Bloom and Looper, which isn’t live yet but hopefully y’all will get to read that in the coming days.

Here’s your day’s dosage of reviews:

The We and The I (dir. Michel Gondry)

“Gondry splits up the movie into three distinct chapters: “The Bullies,” “The Chaos” and “The I.” As the film moves from chapter A to chapter B it feels almost the same way we would see films show the progression of the stages of grief; it’s sudden and almost without warning.” Read the full review on FSR

Rust and Bone (dir. Jaques Audiard)

“Alain is a character of much contrivance. He comes off mostly as a drifter with little to his name. His inability to pity Stephanie is what benefits her as we watch her recovery, but at the same time we see him have the same approach to how he handles his relationship with his sister and his five-year-old son. His response to anything he can’t quite control is to lash out at it, with scenes of him shouting and punishing his child.” Read the full review on FSR

Day 3′s Schedule: The Place Beyond the Pines, Seven Psychopaths & A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman