Fav Scenes: Chasing Amy (1997)

It’s hands down my favourite film by Kevin Smith. It’s the first — and I’d be willing to put on the line to say the only — time that he’s actually been able to hone his fanboy voice into a real story where we are actually willing to go along with our romantic interests without being more interested in the next scene where he makes a Star Wars reference.

Smith has made his name in “dick and fart jokes” as he so aptly puts it, but this movie is just so good. I have so many scenes that I love, but none more than the scene where Holden confesses his love to Alyssa… watch below:

What’s your favourite scene from Chasing Amy?

  • http://twitter.com/DantheMan610 Dan O’Neill

    Love this scene just as much as I love this movie. And I really love this movie.

  • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

    It’s a film that everytime I revisit just never fails to stimulate my brain tissue with all the great dialogue. It’s Smith’s best no question.

  • http://dukeandthemovies.com Sam Fragoso

    Good scene in my second favorite film by Kevin Smith.

    Definitely honing his inner fanboy in a unique and romantic way that we can engage ourselves in.