Fav Scenes: Batman Begins (2005)

With The Dark Knight Rises looming coming Friday in the US, and next week Wednesday here in Trinidad, I felt it prudent to share a moment from Nolan's take on the character that I feel is almost always worth keeping in mind. With The Dark Knight in The Pantheon, that film is not up for discussion, so I'm left with the film that some consider lesser -- I'm willing to step on the edge of sanity and call it equal. The scene I'd like to offer up as one of my favourites is the first time we really see Batman. Up until this point we've seen only versions of who Bruce wants to become and use to affect Gotham's underbelly the way he truly wants. The deep seated theme running throughout this film in particular has to do with fear, and I've always loved how the introduction of Batman has to do with a cat an mouse game of watching him strike fear into his enemies as he stalks a group of thugs unpacking a drug shipment. See the scene below:

What's your favourite scene from Batman Begins?