What I’ve Been Watching: July 1st – July 14th

So last week I was doing something that was apparently more important that updating this weekly post dedicated to letting you guys know about all of those movies and stuff that I’ve been watching and not really highlighting anyways. Otherwise what I like to call, buying into the delusion that people read this stuff, so here it is returning with a two week filled version (only making the count that much more depressing).


BRAVE (2012) – Pixar finally bleeds into the Disney princess story tropes and gives us a truly fantastic fairy tale.
MARGARET (2011) – a problematic theatrical cut made less bad with a three hour extended cut that at the end of the day isn’t worth it all that much.
THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2012) – a pretty fun film that I truly enjoyed more for the fact that I love SPIDER-MAN and it felt right to me.
LOCKOUT (2012) – one of the most fun mediocre action movies of the year made great by the fact that Guy Pearce knows how to be sardonic to the point of overkill and beyond.
AMERICAN REUNION (2012) – not many of the actors had much else doing so they said, “why not make another?” to which I’m sure many quit their day job to get three months together again.
PIRANHA 3DD (2012) – ohh… the bad movie making that isn’t even funny enough to make it worth it.
SAVAGES (2012) – the SMOKING ACES of drug movies makes me sad that Oliver Stone hasn’t had a hit for so long.
A BITTERSWEET LIFE (2005)  - an unfulfilling revenge story with mediocre action. Happy though that at the end of the day we got I SAW THE DEVIL out of this filmmaker.


BREAKING BAD (SEASON 1, 2 & 3)“sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have someone watching your back”
THE BROTHERS GRIMM (2005)“Trust the toad!”


108 First time watches (39 from 2012); 62 Rewatches; 170 Total Films


What’ve You Been Watching?