Fav Scenes: Goodfellas (1990)

I’m here once again to talk about not only a Fav Scene, but a fav scene of a film done by Martin Scorsese – one of the best of the best out there. Now I know this isn’t that believable but there was a time when I wasn’t the biggest fan of Goodfellas. While that has changed over time I still hold strong that Casino is a better movie. Regardless, what I refuse to argue about is what the best scene of the film is. Many like to pick on “I always wanted to be a gangster”, or “funny like a clown”, or even cooking in prison; me however I go for the scene that I like to title Never Bust A Wise Guys Balls, Especially if He’s Joe Pesci.

I’ve always found the character of Joe Pesci insanely interesting. Never has there been a man so tiny that is so frightening. I think the only other many to possess that quality (with a bit more physicality to back it up) is Mike Tyson. Enjoy the scene below:

What’s Your Fav Scene from Goodfellas?