TUMP [EP#111 - Sound Of Noise]

This week, with me travelling back to Jamaica, we finally are back all in the same room making each other laugh a lot more than talking about movies. Douglas forced me to watch Sound of Noise and we talked about it.

However, the most important thing – podcast wise – that happened all week is that you should all go and follow Damion (@damion_whyte) on twitter, I signed him up and I can only hope he uses it, please show him love and maybe he’ll see fit to tweet a lot and with great humour.

Show Notes:

What We’ve Been Watching

Damion (00:11:25): Wrath of the Titans, The Grey, Baby Daddy, True Blood, Once Upon a Time
Douglas (00:32:00): Michael and Michael Have Issues, Green Wing, The Five-Year Engagement, Secretary, Broadcast News
Andrew (01:07:20): A Thousand Words, The FP, Comedy Bang Bang, Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Trailers (01:19:04): The Babymakers, Taken 2, The Watch

Review (01:48:14): Sound of Noise

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