TUMP [EP#110 - Jeff, Who Lives At Home]

This week we go out there into the world and discuss things that make no sense, but make sense, and then don't make sense, only to make sense again eventually. No, not the new Shyamalan film, but the latest film from Jay and Mark Duplass: Jeff, Who Lives at Home. Check out the show below: What We Watched Douglas (00:03:30): The Avengers, Prometheus, Half Nelson, Killer Elite, Criminal Justice, The Hangover Damion (00:23:10): The Legend of Korra, Safe House, Driving Miss Daisy, Better Off Dead, Dallas Andrew (00:35:55): His Girl Friday, Indie Game: The Movie, Take This Waltz, Alien: Resurrection vs. Alien 3 Trailers (00:44:47): Flight, Wreck it Ralph, Django Unchained Review (01:14:58): Jeff, Who Lives at Home [display_podcast] Thanks for listening and feel free to let us know what you think either through the comments below or email us here.  You can subscribe to the podcast via our RSSThe Podcast Alley or iTunes.  It would be awesome if you would rate/review us on iTunes (we’ll read your reviews on the show)
  • Courtney Small

    Loved The Avengers apology!
    Especially the “I’ll be the bigger man” comment. I would have said it was the funniest line of
    the show but that goes to the crack about civil aviation laws in Jamaica. LOL

    While I thought Safe House was okay, it basically felt like
    a Tony Scott film that was not directed by Tony Scott. I also thought that they made Denzel too much
    of a “hard man”. In the final act he
    walks around like he is untouchable which is just ridiculous.

    I will say that Ryan Reynolds was rather good in
    Adventureland…I will defend that film, cannot say the same about the rest of
    his filmography.

    His Girl Friday is a classic, loved the film. The way the dialogue flies off the actors
    tongue is just fantastic.

  • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

    Ye. I don’t know what it is… I first realized Ryan Reynolds in Van Wilder and just was sold on the charm that he exudes. In recent years though it seems to have completely worn off. I now see him as a useless shell of an actor that is playing the Hollywood game and is servant to the shitty scripts he ends up doing, unlike other actors who can (at times) elevate above those scripts even if they do those movies.