TUMP [EP#109 - Avanti!]

This week Damion, Douglas and I all head over to Italy to bury our parents only to find out oh so much more. So to figure out how to deal with this realization we decided to discuss Billy Wilder‘s Avanti!. Check out the notes below:

Show Notes

What We Watched

Damion (00:03:15): The Raid: Redemption, Community, Tarzan
Douglas (00:13:10): Men in Black III, The Dictator
Andrew (00:27:15): Mirror Mirror, Project X, The Purple Rose of Ciaro, Video Game High School

Trailers (00:37:00): Amour, Maniac

Review (00:54:28): Avanti!

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  • Courtney Small

    I must admit I really enjoyed Mirror Mirror. Sure it is silly, but I had fun with it. It reminded me of The Princess Bride and
    Enchanted but not quite on their level.

    Avanti is on my large list of Billy Wilder films that I
    still need to see. I only caught up with
    Double Indemnity last month.

  • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

    And Double Indemity is one of those I’ve yet to see. I’ve just seen the opening scene and that’s it. I should add that to my must see for the upcoming month.