What I’ve Been Watching: May 20th – May 26th

Not much to truly say in regards to my week of real life, as I barely have one. Decided that I'm currently fed up with my router and my phone provider and still need to change both. Otherwise not sure what to talk about.


DIAL M FOR MURDER (1954) - Bloody amazing murder mystery thanks to having the best criminals and the best detectives. THE THIN BLUE LINE (1988) - a documentary that I feel has more impact in a historical sense than it's own agenda. CERTIFIED COPY (2010) - Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and an imagine inbetween wrapped together into a two hour film that's better acted and directed than either of those movies and pretty much more awesome. LA HAINE (1995) - Fantastic film. Cassel continues to prove why he's one of my favourite actors. MEN IN BLACK III (2012) - So much better than I expected. Pretty good cartoony fun, and Brolin is awesome. THE IT CROWD (UK) (Season 1) - not the best, but a fun little show that I guess helps that I work in IT.


THE AVENGERS (2012) - "puny God" A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1971) - "But enough of words, actions speak louder than. Action now. Observe all." INCEPTION (2010) - "give him the kick!" COMMUNITY (SEASON 2) - "Six seasons and a movie!" 


83 First time watches (21 from 2012); 49 Rewatches; 132 Total Films


What Have You Been Watching?

  • http://www.bigthoughtsfromasmallmind.com/ CS

    I loved Certified Copy and The Thin Blue Line, both were first time viewings for me this year.  The Thin Blue Line was part of an Errol Morris run I went on. There are only two Morris films I have left to see.  I highly recommend giving both Tabloid and Standard Operating Procedure a watch if you get the chance.

  • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

    I actually am not sure if I’ve seen any of Errol Morris’ films other than THIN BLUE LINE at this point. I remember for ages not watching it because I kept getting it confused with the BBC Rowan Atkinson sitcom (great if you’ve never seen it)….