Tweet Questions: Double Features

Yesterday I picked up my latest Blu Ray acquisition – Inception & Being John Malkovich – which I only realized after opening the box that this would make a fantastically twisted crazed mind control double feature. This sent me to twitter asking people for their own double feature suggestions, here’s what I got in return:

@ One would be Gosford Park and A Prairie Home Companion.
Joseph Demme
@ Um, either Ace in the Hole and Sweet Smell of Success or A Face in the Crowd and Network.
@ all the Jaws movies (sorry, not a double-feature), but something i would pay good money to see on the big seen
@ Oldboy followed by Love Exposure
Benjamin Vargas
@ Invasion U.S.A. and Team America

Any other recommendations?

  • MeZ

    I love doing double features. Here a few that popped into my head.

    Salò & Human Centipede 2
    Maria Full of Grace & Miss Bala
    Equilibrium & The Matrix
    ET & Super 8
    Scott Pillgrim & Kung Fu Hustle

  • Ryan McNeil

    One of the best double-features I was ever party to was a pair of rock docs:

    followed by THE LAST WALTZ

  • Andrew Robinson

     Those first two seem difficult…. so want to see Miss Bala though.

  • Andrew Robinson

     interesting… almost mistook that Watlz one for this new Michelle Williams & Seth Rogen movie I keep hearing ppl talk about from Cannes now.