Tweet Questions: Directors for MARVEL Films

With Joss Whedon‘s Avengers being released in theatres this weekend I wanted to ask you all on twitter which filmmakers, who’ve yet to work in the Marvel cannon, do you think would be interesting to see work with a Marvel property?

Here were your responses:

Matthew Vaughn RT @: with Joss Whedon's AVENGERS film out now, which director would you like to c film a MARVEL film? #tweetques
Duppy Conqueror
@ Someone who hasnt done it before? thats hard to say because I judge track record. Maybe James McTeigue
@ @ doing the Wasp. I love Lynch's sense of spatial reasoning & it'd work on the small scale, he can direct women too.
Alexander Tierney
@ Terry Gilliam's Doctor Strange is the best idea I've ever had.
David Neary
@ Gareth Evans directing Michael Jai White as Luke Cage.
Andrew Shaw
@ I would like to see Shinya Tsukamoto tackle Iron Man. Again.

Look out for when I ask questions on twitter and you can get a plug here…

For those who missed it on twitter: let me know in the comments what your answer would be?

  • TheElusiveAlexT

    I guess I didn’t make the cut, I Tweeted “@DAVID_LYNCH doing the Wasp. I love Lynch’s sense of spatial reasoning & it’d work on the small scale, he can direct women too.”

  • Andrew Robinson

    deep apologies… I thought I got everyone’s responses.