Tweet Questions: Favourite Documentary

Earlier last week I went to twitter asking any and all what their favourite documentary was. While I’ve yet to see some of the best out there I can tell that I’ve been given a to see list by these responses.

And my favourite documentary is a tie between Dear Zachary, Senna and Man on Wire…

Here are your responses:

@ Grizzly Man, Hoop Dreams and Man On Wire. Impossible to choose between those three.
Dan | New In Cinema
Capitalism a love story RT @: One more time before the end of the workday for more answers: What's ...
Gillian Jackson
@ "Hearts and Minds" and "Night and Fog" are the two most effecting docs I've seen.
J. Chlebus
@ I can't seem to remember documentaries; so it would have to be The King of Kong
Rory Walker

Look out for when I ask questions on twitter and you can get a plug here…

For those who missed it on twitter: let me know in the comments what your fav is?

  • Ryan McNeil

    Some of my favorites…


  • Andrew Robinson

     wow, of that lost I only know and have seen Exit Through The Gift Shop… (loved it)…

    I would be interested in Lost in La Mancha, having THE MAN FROM LA MANCHA and read a lot here and there about Gilliam’s struggle with that film (not that him struggling with a film’s funding/release isn’t news ever).

  • Steven Flores

    Let’s see…

    The Filth & the Fury
    Dogtown & Z-Boys
    Exit Through the Gift Shop
    Beyond the Lighted Stage:  The Story of Rush
    Grizzly Man
    Man on Wire
    Paradise Lost 2:  Revelations
    The Thin Blue Line
    Westway to the World
    The King of Kong

    That’s all I have right now.

  • Andrew Robinson

    wow man… making me feel tiny in comparison to your knowledge… I’ve been meaning to watch Thin Blue Line for a while now… need to get more Steve James in my film diet.

  • Will Malone

    I really love TT3D.  A doc about the Isle of Man TT bike race.  I reckon it surpassed Senna as the best doc of last year.  The story is just fabulous and has you on the edge of your seat.  A truly remarkable film.  

    Cheers Will.

  • Andrew Robinson

    I hear about that one last year and just missed out on catching it then… I think I can get a copy.. I’m gonna check that one out soon. Thanks for the recommend.

  • Ryan McNeil

    Ever seen HEARTS OF DARKNESS? It’s a lot like that…except without the masterpiece of a film to show for it at the end. Two of the other three are rock docs – and great ones at that.

    The other (Friedmans) might well be the best doc I have ever seen…