What I’ve Been Watching: Apr 1st – Apr 7th

It’s Easter weekend and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a relaxing “screw the world” weekend to myself where I get a chance to catch up on all the TV I’ve been putting off watching for months now. I actually had full intentions of finally watching The Last Temptation of Christ, but I’ve yet to strike up the nerve to press play on a 3 hour long film as opposed to watching episode after episode of a 30 minute anime or a 3 episode British TV series which rocked my world – I know this doesn’t make sense but work with me here.

Anyways here’s my week’s tally enjoy and let me know what you’ve been digging into this past week:


LOUIS C.K.: LIVE AT THE BEACON THEATRE (2011) – It’s more awesome Louis.
ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA (2012) – Where awesome cinematography meets boring and meandering storytelling.
SHAME (2011) – Brilliant film from top to bottom.
BLACK MIRROR (2011) (TV) – Amazing science-fiction TV series where it takes the time to talk about certain aspects of technology and how it affects society.
FATE/ZERO (Season 1) – Too much chatter and not enough action for an anime series that isn’t animated that interestingly.


BLIND DATE (1987)“You mean we have to have sex? All right, but no kissing!”
12 ANGRY MEN (1957)“It’s always difficult to keep personal prejudice out of a thing like this. And wherever you run into it, prejudice always obscures the truth.”


52 First time watches (12 from 2012); 29 Rewatches; 81 Total Films


What have you been watching?