Bobcat Brings Back Cynicism in “God Bless America” Trailer

I’m one of the many people who fell in love with Bobcat Goldthwait‘s first feature film, World’s Greatest Dad, and while this trailer does offer up a whole new level of “fuck you” it does leave a lot of things to be desired.

Yes. We’ve become a much more self involved kind of people. That is if films are to be believed. If you see films from the fifties it wouldn’t be uncommon for the film to be resolved by simply a stranger saying “sure” to doing our protagonist the favour, whereas today that person would more than likely respond with a shrug of the shoulders and then laugh at the person’s misfortune, followed by us (the audience) rambunctiously laughing as well. So is this film looking to be a blueprint as how to proceed in fixing things? I dunno, I hope not.

Personally I could interpret the trailer as being another Super, which I adored, and it being just a whole new low-grade looking film that really offers up something specially having Goldthwait exercise his personal hatred of pop culture through these characters’ crimes. Or I could interpret it as a completely insane piece of work, much like Hobo With a Shotgun, where it’s just there to attempt to numb my senses completely. I chose to think of this film as the former more than the later and hope that I’m a lot more right than wrong when I eventually get to see the film itself later this year.


 What do you think of the trailer?

  • Steven Flores

    I will definitely see this.  Just so it can give me the fantasy of killing Ryan Seacrest over and over and over again.