“Are You Done With Film?”

In the last decade we’ve seen the revolution of technology come about along with the lowering of cost of film productions. In a world where the Hollywood big budget, better get me a return, film mentality is getting more and more focused on it’s great to see that there’s still a way for less experienced filmmakers and able to get their chance to express themselves. However, with that in place what ends up happening is that we will probably eventually reach a point where film – a more than 100 year medium – itself will die out if more filmmakers keep converting to digital photography.

I’m not smart enough on the topic of the non-obvious differences between digital and 35mm/70mm photography but somehow it still feels sad to maybe lose this thing which works as a common denominator for all things cinema. So for there to be a chance to see a documentary with filmmakers, people who professionaly work within the medium, discussing what they love/hate/don’t care for about all things film (3D/Digital/RED/35mm/IMAX) it could turn out great.

What do you think of the trailer?