20 Films to Look Forward to in 2012

Last year it seemed to be a pretty popular post and after putting 2011 behind me with my Top 20 of the Year posted I think it's time that I take a look forward. You may ask if I feel like 2012 will be a better year for cinema than 2011 was? I'd first say that I thought 2011 was  a pretty good year for movies and I can't imagine how much worse they could do this year with some of my favourite filmmakers all having films being released this year. These films are ordered only by their release date (so don't try and quibble with me about ranking) and I do admit that this list is just brushing the surface of films that I'm inevitably going to head out to the cinema to enjoy, I know I'm a sick sick man. So let's get into the thick of it.

Haywire (dir. Steven Soderbergh) Jan. 20th

Have I not mentioned my love of all things Soderbergh? He's a director who's willing to take chances with genres and differing techniques and this time around he's going to make his first ever action movie. I'll be there to see the results.

Chronicle (dir. Josh Trank) Feb. 3rd

I do feel like the "found footage" genre is getting a little used but somehow this one still looks worth my time. Maybe it's because I just like that guy from Parenthood and want to see how he does.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (dir. Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor) Feb. 17th

So those of you out there who read this blog may know that I loathe the first Ghost Rider film. I however, do believe that this is one of the best trailers of the last year since not only is it generally exciting, but it's also exciting with Nicolas Cage in it being Ghost Rider, one of the worst comic book characters of all time... But Neveldine and Taylor have a certain style of frenetic ridiculous action that I feel it might just deliver on it's promise of entertainment.

Being Flynn (dir. Paul Weitz) Mar. 2nd

Robert De Niro is an actor who over the years has fallen out of favour from time to time but has never truly escaped our minds completely with his talent. Here, along with Paul Dano, he will play the role of a struggling writer who has a chance to reconnect with his estranged son and I imagine the bumps along the way will make for entertaining drama.

Casa de mi Padre (dir. Matt Piedmont) Mar. 16th

Will Ferrel in what looks to be an all Spanish film, about the most insane and over the top hero character. I'm in.

The Raid (dir. Gareth Evans) Mar 23rd

I've heard nothing but great things about this movie since it screened at TIFF last year and based on the trailer I can't imagine myself not falling in love. It looks like what you would get if you took Hard Boiled and 13 Assassins, blended them together and then decided to remove the first hour of character build and just throw me into the middle of the action.

Prometheus (dir. Ridley Scott) June 8th

Yes I fear the internet. Can you imagine what would've happened if I had left this off the list? Actually I'm curious. With Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender in the remake prequel to Alien, the film that I believe put Scott on the map, I'm curious enough.

Brave (dir. Mark Andrews & Brenda Chapman) June 22nd

It's Pixar and it's not Cars. Enough.

G. I. JOE: Retaliation (dir. Jon Chu) June 29th

Just like Ghost Rider I think the action looks just right to get me in the theatre. Only disappointment is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt won't be back to reprise his career defining role as Cobra Commander.

Magic Mike (dir. Steven Soderbergh) June 29th

Two Soderbergh films in one year? Is that allowed? I'm gushing.

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The Amazing Spider-Man (dir. Marc Webb) July 3rd

I've always loved Spider-Man, and while I agree with a lot of people that it maybe just a little too soon to start over the franchise already I'm willing to watch it for Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) and to finally get to see The Lizard in a Spider-Man movie.

The Dark Knight Rises (dir. Christopher Nolan) July 20th

Do I really need to explain? I'd express some sticking points I may have looking forward as to how they can top the last one, but that's worthless... let's just enjoy.

The Wettest County (dir. John Hillcoat) Aug 31st

A western, with Tom Hardy, and directed by the man who gave me The Proposition. I love it. Please be even better than Meek's Cutoff.

Looper (dir. Rian Johnson) Sept. 28th

I think I can thank Rian Johnson for making me love films this much because if it weren't for my discovery of his film Brick I don't think I'd be as manic as I am now with this whole blogging/podcasting thing. So go blame or thank him (depends on your opinion). Can't wait to see his newest feature, and what looks to be the biggest budget he's gotten so far.

Skyfall (dir. Sam Mendes) Nov 9th

I'm happy that they're diverting from the Mr. White storyline for Bond, I can do without the brooding intensity with my suave spies. Also even happier to see Sam Mendes still attached to the film. Go to art directors doing action this year.

Les Miserables (dir. Tom Hooper) Dec 7th

Slight admission, other than the famed song ("I Dreamed a Dream") I don't really know anything too detailed about this musical. I'm happy to see the man who brought us The King's Speech is going to give me a musical starring Hugh Jackman. Please be great.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (dir. Peter Jackson) Dec 14th

Do I even have to explain. If it weren't for the nerd rankings of Nolan's Batman movies this would be the obvious pick for top viewing experience of the year to come.

Life of Pi (dir. Ang Lee) Dec 21st

  After coming to terms with his horrendous film, Hulk, I've discovered a filmography of brilliant dramatic pieces. From Lust, Caution to The Ice Storm to Brokeback Mountain Lee is a brilliant storyteller and taking a glimpse at the synopsis for this film it looks to be something intriguing at least.

Django Unchained (dir. Quentin Tarantino) Dec 25th

How could a Tarantino year go by unnoticed by me? He's the filmmaker that I will never abandon no matter what he does and I refuse to allow any chatter about any of his films being bad.

The Great Gatsby (dir. Baz Luhrmann) Dec 25th

Baz Luhrmann is just one of the filmmakers that you have to see to believe his stories and his style. I've never seen or read The Great Gatsby, please keep reminding me that I'm so uncouth, and I probably will remain that way on purpose to have this version (I hope) just assault me on all levels with all of Luhrmann's beautiful cinema.

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What are you looking forward to in 2012?

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  • http://tristsantithesis.tumblr.com/ Tsunayoshi Sawada

    Does not see Battleship! Come on you know you want to see it. Aliens in my classic game, yes! jk, it will be terrible but I cant help but watch it for that character cast.

    Anyway, Ice Age Continently Drift is what Im really looking forward too, something about the 3rd one really excited me and was so memorable and this one will hopefully be even more epic. 
    Looking forward to Snow White & The Huntsmen, Twilight (of course), Resident Evil Retribution , and most of the other action ones you chose such as GI Joe, Spiderman, and Skyfall. 

  • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

    Until I hear Liam Neeson say “You sunk my battleship” with his level of gravitas that movie remains too stupid to make the list. I’ll try my best not to make fun of your Twilight love.

    GI JOE just looks like it’ll make me happy to see thing blow up and watch The Rock and Bruce Willis fight side by side seems perfect to me.

  • Steven Flores

    Where’s “The Master” by P.T. Anderson & “Moonrise Kingdom” by Wes Anderson?  Look at the first part of my list.  I went more the art house/auteurs route with that list.

  • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

    Oh shit there’s a Gondry film coming out this year?

    I know I missed out on the PTA and Wes Anderson film… they totally make my list, but I was just kind of rushing through this post to be quite honest. My apologies for the unwarranted omissions.