Discuss: Why No Review?

There is on occasion, ever so often, where I watch films (most times theatrically) that I do not review. On twitter ever so often I’m asked “where’s the review?” and I can’t give them an answer.

Well the truth of the matter is that most times than not I don’t have anything really to say on the film. I’m not saying I don’t have an opinion. What I’m saying is that I have nothing to say.

Are you confused yet? I sure as hell am. However, what I really mean is that I find it quite difficult to put my thoughts on the film into the written word, and even worse, in an interesting way.

I’ve never claimed to be a great writer. I’ve actually done the opposite on a number of occasions. I believe I’ve told my tale of how I was never a great writer, and if you listen to my podcast with my co-hosts laughing me to scorn you will soon discover that at times I can be a horrendous speaker. Sadly though, thanks to modern inventions such as the internet, it hasn’t stopped me from trying.

This past weekend I went and saw Paranormal Activity 3. I saw the first instalment last year, in preparation for my pretty much forced viewing of the second film (read review here). While I didn’t have issue churning out a 140-character long mind fart of a review on twitter, where I do admit to liking the movie, I sat at my computer for a few hours and found myself unable to find much more than that to say about the film in long form. I guess the only real thought I had was that it reminded me a lot of the first two films, just now on VHS (and looking really nice quality for such an archaic format).

So the question I really wanted to try and answer, at least for myself, was “what should I do when I can’t seem to get that review done?” The answer that I’ve always managed to respond with is to ignore it. What do I owe the readers? I’ll write about something else and they’ll either like it or not. But, is that the point of this website? Isn’t it, like all other film blogs, to give you a place to come and see what I feel is worthy of your ticket purchase (sometimes more than one if you’re lucky enough to have a date)? Or is it just me chronicling my random brain farts on whatever it is I do manage to spend my time watching and can articulate more than a sentence about?

I guess I’ve been treating the site as the later rather than the former while in my heart I’ve always wanted it to truly be the former. I want the site’s review index to be more abundant, and a lot more thought provoking while not taking forever to get the discussion started. At the end of the day I wrote this because I wanted you all to figure this whole conundrum for me (because I’m a child and am incapable of making a decision on my own it seems).

Would you prefer I make sure to churn out every review I can – no matter then length – or would you rather I continue to only discuss films that I feel I can truly bring a new mode of thinking to?