Deciphering the 15th European Film Festival Schedule at MovieTowne

I’m new to Trinidad and at the same time very happy with all the movie related events that have occurred since I’ve arrived. Just a month ago they had the TTFF (Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival) which while I didn’t blog I did check out a couple of films, and just today begins screenings for the 15th European Film Festival. While I know I’m not going to get to cover the festival very well (work and all) and I am slightly disappointed by a lot of the titles being older foreign films it’s not going to stop me from hitting up the theatre for one or two films that I’ve yet to see (and a couple that I’ve never heard of).

With that said however, my biggest disappointment is how unbelievably difficult it is to understand then schedule that they’ve posted on their facebook page. So for those of you out there (not sure how large my T&T crowd is right now) who’re considering checking out a film here and there and not sure what’s showing when check out my “deciphered” version of the schedule. But keep abreast of any possible changes through their facebook page.

The one screening I plan to check out is their showing of [REC] on Oct. 30, it’s a film I’ve missed out on and planned to see this month but I totally in for seeing it on the big screen this time.

Dates 10:40 AM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:45 PM
Wed, Oct 19 [REC] Commes Les Autres Furia Made in Dagenham The Dark House
Thurs, Oct 20 My Mother’s Tears Sinestsia Sniff the Dog Yella Welcome
Fri, Oct 21 Recollections of the Yellow House The Girl From Monaco Fire in Babylon The City of No Limits With Friends Like These (8PM)
Sat, Oct 22 Commes Les Autres The Flying Classroom Heaven’s Heart (3:15PM) El Perro Del Hortelano Archipelago
Sun. Oct 23 Forbidden Fruit Sniff the Dog Black Mor’s Island Whisky With Vodka Stuff and Dough
Mon, Oct 24 The City of No Limits Forbidden Fruit (1:15PM) Sinestsia (3:30PM) The Dark House El Perro Del Hortelano
Tues, Oct 25 Black Mor’s Island The Hell of 63 Shutterbug Black Mor’s Island Return of Sergeant Lapins
Wed, Oct 26 Open Your Eyes Made in Dagenham Sniff the Dog (3:15PM) Archipelago Heaven’s Heart
Thurs, Oct 27 Whisky With Vodka Heaven’s Heart The Flying Classroom Fire in Babylon The City of No Limits
Fri, Oct 28 The Girl From Monaco Return of Sergeant Lapins Open Your Eyes Furia Limbo
Sat, Oct 29 Sniff the Dog El Perro Del Hortelano Black Mor’s Island The Dark House Yella
Sun, Oct 30 The Flying Classroom Black Mor’s Island With Friends Like These [REC] The Hell of 63
Mon, Oct 31 Welcome My Mother’s Tears Matrimoni e Altri Disastri Stuff and Dough Commes Les Autres
Tues, Nov 1 Sinestsia [REC] Forbidden Fruit First Night Furia
Wed, Nov 2 Archipelago Return of Sergeant Lapins Limbo With Friends Like These Open Your Eyes
Thurs, Nov 3 First Night Matrimoni e Altri Disastri Yella The Hell of 63 Made in Dagenham
Fri, Nov 4 The City of No Limits With Friends Like These Heaven’s Heart (3:15PM) The Flying Classroom Life, Above All
Sat, Nov 5 Sniff the Dog Black Mor’s Island El Perro Del Hortelano Heaven’s Heart The Girl From Monaco
Sun, Nov 6 First Night The City of No Limits (12:45PM) The Dark House (3:15PM) Welcome My Mother’s Tears
Mon, Nov 7 Yella Return of Sergeant Lapins The Girl From Monaco The Hell of 63 Open Your Eyes
Tues, Nov 8 Sinestsia Stuff and Dough Matrimoni e Altri Disastri My Mother’s Tears Recollections of the Yellow House

A lot of the titles I’ve never heard of, so feel free to see their facebook page for posters and plot synopses.  Sadly none of the films being screened are the films being put forward for the Best Foreign Film award at next year’s Oscars. However, based on what I saw from last year’s schedule it seems that these may be future Oscar contenders in years to come.

Are you seeing anything at this year’s European Film Festival in Trinidad?

  • Jianhennings2

    Thanks a lot. I checked out a few stuff at the film festival a few weeks ago too. I will do the same for this one for sure. Thanks for the schedule though. The site is pretty messed up.

  • Andrew Robinson

    Much welcomes.

    You know what you’re going to be seeing?

  • Jianhennings2

    Actually I just made my temporary schedule. Um, I saw [REC] and its sequel before, but I am pumped to see it on the big screen. But I love the variety this festival has to offer. Friday I am seeing city of no limits and with friends like these. Monday Sinestia and The Dark House. I am most interested in open your eyes and furia on the 28th. you have any idea whats you want to see? 

  • Andrew Robinson

    I haven’t decied for sure yet other than [REC]. I am interested in Welcome, Archipelago and Open Your Eyes. But due to work I doubt I can really schedule much. Maybe I’ll just go up one Sunday and watch 2/3 and see what I end up getting myself into.

    Stuff and Dough also seems interesting from the synopsis.