TUMP [EP#94 - Hesher]

I’ve been holding onto this episode for a while, and a couple more are to come in the next week so be on the lookout. Check out our thoughts on this summer indie flick that’ll be out in DVD & BluRay in a couple of weeks time.

Show Notes:

What We Watched

Andrew (00:06:05): The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Beaver, Winnie the Pooh, Fire in Babylon
Douglas (00:21:10): Rurouni Kenshin, NTSF:SD:SUV::, Kenny vs. Spenny, How Not To Live Your Life, The Beaver
Damion (00:34:36): White Collar, Jane Eyre, The Love Guru, Crank & Crank 2, The Brothers Bloom, Scarface

Trailers (00:48:52): The Sitter, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

Review (01:08:50): Hesher

The Questions (01:28:32)

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