The Interlude: Hanna (The Chemical Brothers)

I’ve been ignoring this simple feature for a few weeks, and I apologize for that. I mean how can you really manage the weekend without the world famous Interlude.

So, one of my favourite soundtracks that I’ve been bumping to recently is from the latest film by Joe Wright, Hanna, all done by The Chemical Brothers. I’m sure you’ve heard this track already but play it on blast and tell me you don’t want to just start rolling down the windows in your car and whistle to it:

  • Dylan

    Bless you…I absolutely adore this track and had in my head for days after seeing Hanna. It’s sibling (the devil is in the beats) is pretty sweet, too. Such a great soundtrack.

  • Andrew Robinson

    I agree so much. As soon as I got out of the theatre and at my computer I was reliving the film by listening to the soundtrack over and over.