My Favourite Actors & Actresses

The other day I saw Castor and his crew over at Anomalous Material write about their favourite actors and actresses. It started me thinking about whom some of my favourite actors and actress are. There are a lot of actors and actresses that I look for when I want to latch onto a movie as a ‘must-see’ at times. Not to call this a comprehensive list – and I doubt I’d ever try to rank it – but here are a few of my favourite actors and actresses working today in films:

Mark Ruffalo

I think the first time I really took note of him was in 2007’s Zodiac, directed by David Fincher, and I loved how he was able to make a character that in any other kind of film would’ve been the really quirky cop that we point and laugh at into a real character that you feel for. He’s hurt that he hasn’t been able to solve this case and is always open to ideas, even from a political cartoonist for a newspaper. Throughout the years he’s gone on to show that the good faith has paid off. He’s also been in:  Blindness, The Brother’s Bloom, Shutter Island and The Kids Are All Right.

Matt Damon

The first time I took notice of this young man was probably when I saw him in Ocean’s Eleven. It was the first Soderbergh film that I loved without even knowing who or what a Soderbergh was. Even in this popcorn fun heist movie he was able to stand out among a slew of names like, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts, Elliot Gould and Carl Reiner. While every now and again he’ll put that trust into doubt (Hereafter) he still manages to fit in a true performance ever year no matter what (True Grit), and I love that he’s not beneath being ridiculous in comedy every now and again, with recent guest appearances in 30 Rock and Entourage which had me in stitches. He’s also been in: The Bourne Identity, The Informant and The Departed.

Ryan Gosling

The very first time I noticed this young man was in Half Nelson. When someone can play a drug addict and a mentor in the same breath without becoming utterly vile you know you have someone special. He’s an actor that can be suave and sophisticated and sweep a woman off her feet and can also be completely realistic and down to earth and true to a darkness that all people have in them. He’s also been in: The Notebook and Blue Valentine.

Julianne Moore

I doubt there’s anything I can say about this woman that hasn’t been said before. She’s stunning in almost every movie you see her in. The first time I remember noticing her was in the brilliant Magnolia (which I need to stop mentioning on this blog). She plays the role of a rich dying man’s wife who’s running through all these levels of regret for what she’s done to this man and trying to deal with her grief. It’s everything a cinematic performance needs to be and more. She’s also been in: The Kids Are All Right, Boogie Nights and A Single Man

Cate Blanchett

I doubt there’s been a film that she’s in that’s bad. No matter how poor the script or the director her ability to portray a character is able to detract from any issues that I may have with the movie. The first time, that I remember noticing her, was in Todd HaynesI’m Not There.  I was sold on this unorthodox biopic from the start and then we eventually got to the segment of the movie where Blanchett played Dylan and it was just too amazing for words. She embodied the world of cool that musicians, like Dylan, lived by back then in such a way that you can’t help but love it. She’s also dazzling in Babel, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Good German.

Kate Winslett

I don’t know how someone can sit down to talk about actresses in today’s world of film and not mention Kate “I will show my breasts” Winslett. She’s unbelievably great. The first time I sat and took note of her was in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I had seen Titanic way before, but back then I was young and didn’t really note names and faces just hated or loved. In movies where any other pretty blonde would just smile at the camera Winslett prefers to make her roles in real people, no matter how quirky they would get. This woman, notorious for her confidence with her body, has always laid out a performance that makes the movie a reason to be watched. She’s also been in: Revolutionary Road, The Reader and Little Children.

Who are some of your favourite actors and actresses?