My Cinematic Alphabet

I’ve seen this all over the place and I don’t know where it started but I just feel like it’d be fun, so check out my alphabet:

A – Almost Famous

B – Bull Durham

C – Chasing Amy

D – Death Proof

E – Elephant

F – Four Rooms

G – The Godfather

H – High Fidelity

I – Insomnia

J – Jurassic Park

K – The Killing

L – Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

M – Magnolia

N – The New World

O – The Orphanage

P – Primal Fear

Q – The Quick and the Dead

R – Reservoir Dogs

S – The Social Network

T – The Terminator

U – Up In The Air

V – Vertigo

X – X-Men

Y – Yojimbo

Z – Zodiac

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    This was pretty cool–now by only a screenshot, I’ve determined I want to see Elephant.

  • Nicholas Robinson

    So movies that start with numbers get no love?

  • thevoid99
  • Andrew Robinson

    Z and X are tough letters….

  • Andrew Robinson

    I’m pretty sure (esp if you don’t do any reading on it, which I recommend) you have absolutely no clue what you’re in for with that movie if you watch it.

  • Andrew Robinson

    bah to that.

  • Andrew Robinson

    you have a nice list yourself sir… a lot of them are like Criterion releases or worthy of one and that makes them very polarizing (i.e. I would prob hate a lot of them) but some (I look at Eraserhead) I want to just hurt for existing.

  • Lesya

    Some of my favorites here!