TUMP [EP#81 - The Man From Nowhere]

It’s been a long week so I’m happy to show that I have a new ep of TUMP for you to enjoy. Check it out below as Douglas, Damion and I discuss more Korean revenge films below:

Show Notes

Discuss (00:04:10): Sucker Punch

What We Watched
Douglas (00:18:22): The Tiger and the Snow, The Fall, Battle: Los Angeles, Austin City Limits
Damion (00:26:41): Senna, The Way Back, Hanna, Camelot, Mildred Pierce, The Borgias, A Clockwork Orange
Andrew (00:42:06): Rebecca, Notorious, Shallow Grave, They Live

Trailers (00:54:59): Crazy Stupid Love, 13 Assassins, The Hangover Part II

Review (01:13:05): The Man From Nowhere

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