Sunday Short: Blinky

Everyone seems to be using short films as an excuse to pad their post count nowadays so why not me? Here’s a new feature for the weekends where I’ll feature a short film (new or old) that I’ve recently found for you all to enjoy for free on the intertubes. Who knows how long this cheap attempt at me being lazy and not writing a full blown post on Sunday’s will last, but let’s enjoy it while it does.

I loved Max Records in his breakout performance in 2009′s Where the Wild Things Are and here he is channeling that same kidn of character in this really impressive short film Blinky. Watch the film embedded below:

This short film has been run on most of the more popular movie blogs already. I just felt like sharing it with anyone who might not have seen it so far.

The film was written and directed by Ruari Robinson and it’s his fourth short film. He’s worked as a visual effects artist on six projects so far, including Breakfast on Pluto.