Cool Stuff: The Films of Danny Boyle

This morning I opened up my facebook to find a video shared by a friend of mine which was a mashup of all the films of Danny Boyle. Check out the video below:

See more at keesvdijkhuizen’s youtube page

I’m a massive fan of Boyle and even though there’re still a couple of films mentioned here that I haven’t gotten around to seeing I can’t wait to complete the set, and yes my favourite of his films remains Sunshine even though I don’t think it’s his best film.

What do you think of the Danny Boyle as a filmmaker?

  • Tom Clift

    Man I love Danny Boyle. Nobody makes vibrant, energetic movies like he does, or jumps genres with such aplomb

  • Andrew Robinson

    I think what I like best about him is that he’s not become a niche director at all. He’s always done something different each time. Unfortunately I’m sure that trend can’t go on forever and he’ll end up hitting a genre up again soon.