General Consensus: Gulliver’s Travels, The Tourist, Tangled

I’ve been trying to think of a way that I can return some link love for all those critics/blogs that I love to read.  Since I love reading reviews of films that I’ve seen what I’ll do is each week whatever new release that I review here I will post what I think the General Consensus of the movie is by posting short snippets of many reviews here.  Check it out below:

So here’s how this is going to work.  Since I want to create an average score for the film (like my own blogosphere only version of RT or IMDB) I will only count reviews that have a rating.  If your rating is letter graded then I will convert it using High School style grades (i.e. A = 9/10, B = 8/10, C = 7/10, D = 5/10, F = 3/10).  I’ll definitely mention other, non-scaled reviews, but they won’t be calculated into the overall General Consensus.

Gulliver’s Travels 3D

Directed by: Rob Letterman

Written by: Joe Stillman & Nicholas Stoller

Starring: Jack Black, Jason Segel, Emily Blunt & Amanda Peet


It’s not the worst family film of the year, nor even second or third or fourth, but it is depressingly dependable on disappointing good taste and moderate expectations at every turn. – William Goss from CinematicalGrade: N/A

To say that this movie is exactly what it’s marketed as is pretty much hitting to nail on the head. The film is a ninety minute excuse for Jack Black and company to throw in a lot of fart humour at you in some horribly shot 3D. – Andrew from Gman Reviews. Grade: 0.5/10

Must our protagonist be such a one-dimensional, self-interested buffoon? Must he be so irredeemably smug and unlikable? And must we see his butt crack as he falls and sits on a Lilliputian, who then disappears, apparently into the cleavage of his ample buttocks, never to be seen again?? Must these things be? – Eric D. Snider from Grade: D+(5.5/10)

I wouldn’t describe the special effects as seamless. Far from it. But that brings us back around to our grandmother, Gloria DeMent. Do you think her great-grandchildren are going to be sitting there, saying, “You can see that’s done with green screen?” I don’t think so. – Roger Ebert. Grade: 7.5/10

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS is chaotic and rushed but in a good way that keeps up with Jack Black’s similar energy and I think whoever had the idea of casting him in the title role in this new adaption of the 18th century classic should get some kind of award. – Tom Stockman from WAMG. Grade: 9.0/10

Avg. Score: 5.6/10

The Tourist

Directed by: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Written by: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck & Christopher McQuarrie

Starring: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie & Paul Bettany


Much of the critics’ gripes is on the lack of chemistry between Jolie and Depp, but to me that’s a lesser of a problem that Jolie’s ludicrous overacting. Right from the time the movie opens with her being watched and the police tailing [as well as drool over] her, it’s as if Jolie thinks she’s in a two-hour long modeling shoots. – RTM from FlixChatterGrade: N/A

The chemistry between these two is good, but soon by the middle part, you can start to see it fizzle. It’s pretty easy to see where the movie is headed, and it just becomes pretty predictable. – Dan from DTMMR. Grade: 5.0/10

Elise is like this massive ridiculous mystery and romance novel that you read on the train, but just like the movie that she’s in you really pretend to read it while at the same time forget every line of the book as you move along to the next as if you’re practicing the action of reading just to make sure you haven’t forgotten how to. This movie is unbearably boring dross and nothing more. – Andrew from Gman Reviews. Grade: 1.0/10

In competition with any of the other mediocre to outright terrible espionage films mentioned above, I would recommend The Tourist without hesitation — taken alone, it receives a significantly less enthusiastic endorsement. – Colin from FilmJunk. Grade: 6.25/10

While at best uneven in tone and quality, The Tourist offers Depp as something other than a Disney pirate or cartoon character, and while Jolie doesn’t physically kick any ass, you still believe she could if she wanted. – Anthony Vieira from The Film Stage. Grade: B-(7.5/10)

Most movies with a twist ending like to show you how clever they are and will cut back to all the clues showing that you should have figured it out from the start, you gigantic dummy.  The Tourist doesn’t even bother. – Matt Goldberg from Collider. Grade: D(5.0/10)

But a film should be about more than simply beauty, and it’s here that von Donnersmarck’s movie takes the viewer on a road to nowhere. As mentioned earlier the impetus behind Interpol’s actions is an unpaid tax bill. – Rob Hunter from Film School Rejects. Grade:C (7.0/10)

The Tourist just proves that star power isn’t enough to make a good movie. When your lead actor and actress have zero chemistry on screen, you try and divert the attention of your audience. – Josh Baldwin from Get The Big Picture. Grade: 2.0/10

Johnny Depp is the best part of this movie, even if his American accent is awful. I’m always a fan of the roles where Depp isn’t playing some wacky fantasy character. But rather he’s just playing a guy. Not even a normal guy, but just a guy. – Merril Barr from Fat Guys At The Movies. Grade: 6.5/10

One scene features Frank leaping from rooftop-to-rooftop, a scene Henckel von Donnersmarck compares to the story of Casanova escaping from jealous husbands in the press notes. Too bad it plays at a snail’s pace leading to the chase’s inevitable conclusion. – Brad Brevet from Rope of Silicon. Grade: D (5.0/10)

Well, there was really only one cliche left, and I was grateful when it arrived. You know how a man in a high place will look down and see a canvas awning that might break his fall, and he jumps into it? – Roger Ebert. Grade: 5.0/10

Grade: 5.0/10


Directed by: Nathan Greno & Byron Howard

Written by: Dan Fogelman & Jacob Grimm

Starring: Zachary Levi, Mandy Moore & Donna Murphy


‘Tangled’ is very beautiful and amusing, and what I find crucial is that everyone in the cinema was so content with it, when the film ended, that I saw only smiling and satisfied faces all around, no matter was that a kid or an adult. – Lesya Khyzhnyak from Eternity of Dream. Grade: 8.0/10

It has everything you’d expect to see in a classic Disney animated movie: two really likeable characters who go on a grand adventure and eventually start to fall for each other, a couple great sidekicks (animal non-speaking) that work as great comic relief, a great bad guy, and some great musical numbers. The movie is everything you loved about classic Disney and more. – Andrew from Gman Reviews. Grade: 9.0/10

A princess who seeks to know and love. Cute animal sidekicks that are as defiant, as they are helpful. However, to end any analysis of Tangled there would be to sell the film short. At every turn, Tangled finds a way create something new with old Disney lore and formulate a fresh perspective on life. – Univarn from A Life in Equinox. Grade: 6.5/10

I probably shouldn’t have expected anything more fromTangled — it’s the near unanimous praise I don’t understand. The songs are lousy, the characters are dull (save for one spunky chameleon), and the story merely suffices (but then it’s tough to break something that’s survived hundreds of years). – Colin from FilmJunk. Grade: 5.0/10

As good as those two are, the best character of Tangled doesn’t even talk; it’s the horse Maximus. Maximus is hyper vigilant and hellbent on capturing Flynn for the kingdom, and frankly he’s a d-bag. It is hilarious though; the looks Maximus gives Flynn when they have to work together for the sake of Rapunzel are hilarious and I was shocked just how much a horse could actually get me pumped about a movie. – Jonathan Sullivan from Movie Mobsters. Grade: 6.25/10

Tangled is a cute movie — kids will like it and parents will like taking their children to it, but I’ll submit that in fifteen years little girls will still be dressing like Snow White, Ariel, and Belle for Halloween – and very likely none like Rapunzel. – Dustin Hicks from Film School Rejects. Grade: C+(7.5/10)

Tangled is very funny and witty. Awkward funny, slapstick funny, cute funny, funny funny, it’s all there. The addition of the minor characters such as the hound-like horse, Maximus and the compassionate thugs make a noticeable difference, maintaining the high entertainment throughout. Disney even humorously satirizes societies’ concern on looks and appearances. Action speaks louder than words in this case, however, as the dialogue sometimes decreases the hilarity a tad. But it’s barely prominent, especially for children. – Minhee Bae from The Film Stage. Grade: A (9.0/10)

Avg Score: 7.3/10

  • Tsunayoshi Sawada

    Wow the Tourist and Gullivers Travels were that bad? Wow.I guess Tangled is a must see!

  • Andrew Robinson

    To answer your questions: yes, yes and so very much YES!!!!