#JAMeetUp with Palace Amusement Co.

A few days ago I received an email from Palace Amusement Company, the company that owns and runs all the theatres in my country, inviting me to a private screening of the film Paranormal Activity 2.  At first, like most things in life, I assumed it was too good to be true and they were trying to lure me in so that they could gag me and end my long list of public tirades against their tyrannical rule over the movie industry in my country. But then the thought came to me, that if that were the case they would probably choose a more enticing – i.e. Oscar Bait – film that I would actually not be thinking about but rather be camping outside their gate waiting for the date to come.

Well, let’s just say that the day came and went and I’m not only alive to tell the tale but at the same time I’m happy to say that the event was a really interesting fun thing. This private screening was actually a new thing that Palace Amusement Company seems to be trying and every month they will be choosing some of the more involved members of their Facebook and Twitter followers to join them in these private screenings. So if you want to have a chance of getting in on future events like this go and like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

I was told that they would be expecting me at 7:00PM and the film would begin at 7:30PM. I arrived, with my guest, promptly at 7:00PM at the gate of the main offices of Palace Amusement and after security deemed me cleared for entry I parked and was ushered into a small theatre – approximately twenty or so seats – and there were a few people already there. For those of you who know me best you know that I’m not the most talkative of the online personalities, so when I say that I didn’t catch everyone’s name at the event please don’t take this as a surprise; but I have managed to find most of them on twitter and they will be posted at the bottom, so go follow them.

I was treated to a rendition of a winning performance of his original monologue, or at least I think he said it was an original I had never heard it before, and everyone cheered and we all chatted a bit. People started to pour in until eventually the tiny theatre was more or less packed. Some fussed over who got the badass recliners at the back of the room, but I was happy with my better than Carib seats that leaned back, I was more than happy. So after a while we decided to hang out some more, people bickered about what to call the location on 4sqre since the location wasn’t already created and I just sat back and watched as all of these people basically reminded me that I’m not that much of a social media geek. I do love my twitter/facebook accounts/followers/friends and adore everything about social media, but just for some reason I find it weird to have real people around me and be tweeting about what’s going on immediately as opposed to engaging in the actual conversation going on around me, or at the very least give it my full attention.

Anyways, I guess what you’re interested at this point is the movie, was it good? Well look out for my review of the film to come out on the site later today.

How was the event? The event was a blast. I actually like that this was the movie we watched because seeing it with a crowd with everyone throwing out jokes at the film and all of us jumping at the ghostly creepiness that was Paranormal Activity 2 was pretty fun. Even though I do not condone talking/tweeting during films in a theatre this felt different. It was a small crowd and was more like me watching a movie with a bunch of my friends, where this kind of behaviour is encouraged, as opposed to me being at Carib trying to enjoy the story of the movie.

Anyways, here’s the Palace Amusement. You’ve earned a point from me for giving me one of my now favourite cinematic moments in my life so far. Now all you need to do is fix the sound in the theatres at Carib and install more Digital projectors so I don’t have to see the damn grainy film anymore. But for now I’ll give you a break and say thanks and I hope to see you again soon; if you’ll have me that is.

Who was there? @karmakae @SekouYoungVets @SeanABennet @persephone101 @RyanMattis @Toya_BillyJean @MzGamali (I think I’m forgetting someone, if I have comment here or message me on twitter or facebook at @gmanreviews of http://facebook.com/gmanreviews/).

  • PalaceMovies

    heeey you missed me! :(
    no worries… @PalaceMovies here to save the day! :)
    Also present were: (though I too may miss a few)

  • PalaceMovies

    Thank you for having agreed to attend, and we are certainly happy that you, and all our friends that joined us, enjoyed the experience… we invite everyone that was there to also suggest ways to make it grow better an stronger over time.

    This was indeed a great experience for everyone, not about the movie itself.. but about solidifying our relationships with our fans, friends, followers, patrons and everyone getting to know each other beyond the mobile or pc screens.

    The first #MeetUpJA was indeed a blast!!

    NB… will admit the nerves took over when i saw the link to the post! … :)

  • http://www.gmanreviews.com Andrew Robinson

    Having you nervous somehow makes me happy :P

    The event was awesome, hope that it will grow as the months go along. I recommend a screening of True Grit next time around :)

  • http://tristsantithesis.tumblr.com/ Tsunayoshi Sawada

    Wow that sounds like an awesome event that took place there, thanks for keeping us informed! (soudns like a cozy place if it had recliners!)

  • http://scsquared.wordpress.com/ SCsquared

    I had a blast myself, I honestly wouldn’t have watched the movie otherwise. I laughed, jumped, and was fully entertained. Sean’s performance added to the friends & family vibe. < Yes, a bunch of strangers in a room bonding like we've been friends for years. I was glad to have met those of you I didn't already know, especially the one we shall call Perse-phone :)

    I hope to be selected for further #meetupJa's and I hope you are there too.